All the tyres that are sold at available to be sold at www.tireshopabudhabi.com have 1-year manufacturer’s warranty which commences from the date of purchase. The brand new tyres that are sold at www.tireshopabudhabi.com come with the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer extended to the purchaser.

It is to be noted for the valued customers of www.tireshopabudhabi.com is that apart from the warranty offered by the manufacturer, no other warranty by the organization is offered; neither in written or implied form. Moreover, no fitness for any application concerning the tyres and warranty of merchantability is offered apart from the one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Different manufacturers have distinctive warranty claim process. For more details on the warranty by manufacturer, terms, and conditions, edibility to claim warranty, and exclusions, you can visit the website of the manufacturer. You can also contact us for this matter; our experts will assist you to find the right channel to claim your warranty with the manufacturer.


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